Follow your dreams


What do you want to be when you grow up? For some of us, “growing up” is a life-long pursuit, not a finite destination.

Julie and I have been pursuing our vision of what life could be since we started our company more than 12 years ago, and in that time, we’ve grown more and more certain of one thing: we want to experience every part of life -- everything we’ve dreamt of -- and we won’t let complacency stand in our way.  

When we decided to leave our corporate lives in my family’s business behind, we did it with the understanding that we would pursue passions that woke us up in the morning, full of excitement over the “work” we’d get to do.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We began an odyssey that allowed us to travel extensively as photographers and videographers. We met amazing people, saw amazing places, and gave thanks for the opportunity to do what we loved -- together -- in a meaningful way.

It was incredible, but it was just the beginning. As another phase of our life begins, we are even more determined to use our time wisely. Our work in the coming years will deepen our involvements with non-profits and those who are less fortunate. We’ll be traveling more, and we’ll be using this space to share our experiences.

Will you join us on the journey? Our prayer is that you’ll be inspired to follow your own dreams. Take risks. Maybe revisit the question of what you want to be when you grow up.

We’re living proof that you can do it.