Question: Are you available for my wedding date?
Answer: For information on availability, please contact us.

Question: Where are you located?
Answer: Christopher and Julie are located in Huron, Ohio near Cedar Point but travel internationally.

Question: Do I meet and work with you directly?
Answer: Yes.  Julie and Chris meet with our own clients either via Skype/phone if you are out of town, or in person near the Huron area.  Many of our couple are out of town or are planning destination weddings so we've become experts at working with our couples remotely. If you select photo and video combined - you’ll be working with both of us. If you select photography by itself, you may be working with at least one of us.

Question: How many photographers/videographers do your packages include?
Answer: That depends on the package. You’ll have a minimum of 2 people.

Question: Do you have packages that are photography only?
Answer: Yes - we have packages that include both photo and video, and packages that are photo only. We can also provide just video services if you have already booked your photographer.

Question: How many photographs do I typically get.
Answer: It depends on the length of your day, but typically 300 - 400 images.

Question: Do I receive digital copies of my wedding images?
Answer: Yes – with all of our packages.  These are full resolution images without copyright restrictions.  You can do anything with them that you want except resell them for commercial purposes.

Question: Do you release original, unedited RAW images.
Answer: No – we only release the edited files we select from the day.  We’re very particular about giving you the best image experience from your day.

Question: Are all of the images I receive edited?
Answer: Yes.  All files are color corrected and edited for exposure, contrast.  We do not, however, change your basic appearance by altering body shapes, types – etc.  Our goal is to accurately represent you.

Question: Do you work from shot lists?
Answer: No - each wedding is unique and our desire is to capture your day as it unfolds. We have extensive examples of the types of photos we take along with full wedding samples on this website so you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. We do, however, request a concise selection of family photographs in groupings. We suggest 10 or fewer sets based on time constraints.

Question: How long does it take for delivery of my images and videos?
Answer: This depends on the season and our workload/travel schedule.  Typically engagement images take approximately 6 weeks and wedding images and videos take approximately 90 - 120 days.  We try to never go over these delivery times, but it can happen.  We ask that you be patient with us as we do each edit in order and won't compromise the quality of our work to rush something through.

Question: How long does it take to receive my coffee table book?
Answer: If you order a coffee table book after your wedding, you will select the images for the book.  After we receive your image selections, cover choice and orientation of the book (vertical or horizontal), we can start your design.  Designs take approximately 2 weeks.  You are allowed to make 5 simple changes without any additional fees (moving an image or replacing an image are considered simple changes).  Once you approve your layout, we place the order with the book company.  Delivery from the time we order takes approximately 8 – 10 weeks.   Keep in mind that there is a cutoff for Christmas delivery due to the rush of orders we receive.  We stop taking orders for Christmas delivery around mid-September.  Please contact us for updated cutoff times.  All orders received after the cutoff date will be processed for delivery after the first of the year.

Question: When can I do my engagement session?
Answer: We photograph engagement sessions May – October during the week in the evening depending on availability.  We aren’t able to schedule engagement sessions on weekends.

Question:  What's the difference between cinematic and documentary video content?
Answer:  Cinematic content is what you see on our website.  It’s cut together like a motion picture and set to music.  Documentary content is basic video content shot mostly on a static camera and utilizes on-camera audio.  Our concentration of our videographers is on the cinematic portion of your package.   Book your package based on the length of cinematic content you would like and think of the documentary content as a nice extra to have that shows portions of your day as listed in your package.  Static cameras can have people moving in and out of the frame including guests, photographers and videographers.  Its not meant to be perfect.  Most couples watch and share their cinematic content again and again with friends and family.  This is our main focus.

Question:  Can I get the unedited (sometimes called RAW) video footage from my wedding
Answer:  Yes upon request. We just ask that you send us a portable hard drive (typically about 300 gigs) where we can transfer the files and send them back to you.

Question:  Can you guarantee I'll get great audio of my vows/toasts - etc?
Answer:  We do our absolute best to get good audio from key moments of the day, but unfortunately, we can’t guarantee it.  Getting great audio from a live event can be challenging.  Even if everything goes right, a simple issue like a person not holding a microphone close to their mouth during toasts is going to affect what we can get and what is usable.

Question: Can I select the music for my cinematic edits?
Answer:  Absolutely.  We have a growing library of music that we have licensed for wedding edits.  We’re always happy to share a link for you to select the music for your video.  Typically our editors select the best fit for your day, but you can simply request on your wedding questionnaire that you’d like to help select your music.  There is no additional charge for songs which we already have licensed.  We also have access to a nearly limitless selection of music from the companies we work with.  We can share these websites with you and if you find a song that you absolutely love, we can license it directly for your project for a small fee.

Question:  Can I use music I hear on the radio?

Answer:  In most cases, no – copyright restrictions are very clear and the penalties can be severe.  We utilize a number of music companies that specialize in providing cool music for wedding and commercial productions.  We also have a company that has some top 40 and other recognizable pieces available for license for an additional fee.  Check with us if you have questions.